Andy Gomez has always been a Spa Queen!

Her passion for self-care and wellness began as a teenager when she indulged in her first luxury spa experience at the Grand Wailea Spa in Maui.

From this day forward, Andy understood the value of ultimate pampering and relaxation, and the effects they have on your mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

She has since visited luxurious spas all around the world and enjoyed first-class service and treatments. Whether on an exotic island or in your local neighborhood, Andy believes that all spa experiences should be a transformative and therapeutic oasis. There is more to personal care than luxury, it is a necessity. 

Andy is a Licensed Esthetician with a passion for skincare, beauty and wellness.

She graduated from the Elaine Sterling Institute of Esthetics in Atlanta, Ga. Additionally, Andy holds a BA degree in Economics from the University of Illinois, and has over 10 years of corporate and executive leadership experience.

"My love for the spa, beauty and skincare led me to pursue a career in esthetics! I’ve always been passionate about helping people become their best self and people are their best when they look and feel their best. I take a holistic approach to skincare and believe achieving and maintaining healthy skin is a lifestyle. I design customized treatment plans for individual skin types and tones because skin is not one size fits all. Let me help you love the skin you’re in!"
- Andy

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